Years 7-9 Chromebook Leasing Scheme

When will my child receive their Chromebook?

For those parents who signed up to portal 1 (first direct debit 25 August 2019), Chromebooks will be issued in English Lessons WC 30 September. There are 130x Chromebooks in portal 1.
For those parents who signed up to portal 2 (first direct debit 25 September 2019), Chromebooks will  be issued before the October half term break. We anticipate approximately 55x Chromebooks in portal 2.
For those parents who sign up to portal 3 (first direct debit 25 October 2019), Chromebooks will be issued in November. Portal 3 is open now and is open for any year 7 8 or 9 students who have yet to order their Chromebook.


As we welcome your child to The Hart School, we are delighted to offer you a fantastic opportunity to be part of the school’s One to One device scheme.
Your child will be able to take advantage of a unique package which we have put together, to have a Google Chromebook to use both in school and at home.

Key Contacts

Mrs M D’Arcy-Barron –
AAP Partnership Development & Chromebook Teaching & Learning Lead
Miss Knight –
Head of Year 7

How can I pay for the device?

The Chromebook will be available to purchase through a 36 month agreement at a cost of £7.99 per month. At the end of this payment term you may take ownership of the device for a one off final payment of £50. The Hart School is subsidising this package by £108 per student.

How will the device be used in the classroom?

As a tool to support and enhance learning and promote creativity such as accessing Office 365 documents, recording visual elements of learning such as role play or experiments. We seek to equip all our students with the necessary skills and modes of thinking so that they will succeed in a constantly changing society, where high levels of skill in the use of new technologies is the currency for employment.

Will the device be used in all lessons?

Not always. There will be times when it is not suitable, such as when students will complete practice exam question or, simply, when the learning is fit for purpose. There will also be the opportunity for students to decide which is the best learning tool for the job. For example, students may decide to simply take notes on paper rather than using their device. We are keen to develop independent learning skills and support students in finding their preferred learning and revision techniques.

Will students still use pen and paper?

Students will be expected to write in some lessons therefore students will be writing notes on paper and practising their handwriting as they will face formal written exams in Y11. Students will be expected to bring black pens to school as they do currently.

What technical support and training will be provided?

Students are actively using Office 365 as part of their normal IT lessons and so are prepared for using these apps on their device. With the increased use of online apps including those available from Google they are increasing their knowledge of the available tools all the time.

Can my Child print from their device?

Yes. Students will be able to print to certain printers across the school site, located in classrooms and communal spaces. Students can also print at home, providing you have a ‘Google Cloud Print’ enabled printer.

Where will my child store their device during PE?

Students will leave their bags in the changing rooms as is current practice and rooms will be locked.

What happens if the device goes wrong?

The package includes 3 years’ warranty and 3 years’ insurance (including accidental damage and theft) with zero excess; so don’t panic! Your device should be taken to the ICT technicians at school in the first instance who will investigate the fault. If it can’t be fixed on site straight away we will recommend either a warranty repair or insurance repair; demanding on the circumstances. Warranty repairs take approximately 4 weeks, with insurance repairs taking a little longer. Your child will be able to loan a school Chromebook from student reception whilst theirs is off for repair. For insurance repairs a claim form will be sent home for you to fill out before your device is booked in for collection from the school. Once back from repair our technicians will return the device to your son/daughter.
New for orders from August 2019 – All insurance and warranty issues will include a 48hour swap out service, rather than wait for your device to be repaired a replacement comparable device will be sent to the school within 48 hours.

What if my child leaves the school?

You must return the device to the school or alternatively pay the outstanding payments to take ownership of the device.

Can we get a spare or replacement charger?

The device is equipped with a battery that is more than capable of lasting the school day during normal use, therefore we recommend keeping your charger safe at home. Replacement / spare chargers can be purchased via the school’s parent pay system.

What is the device?

This year we are offering a rugged, flip touchscreen Asus C213 Chromebook. This is a future-proofed solution built specifically for education. It is military graded and is built tough to withstand daily rigour and intense usage by students. The flip versatility of the C213 allows it to be opened to any angle to fit any situation and has 4 viewing modes to make reading, studying and group discussions easier.

User Guides

The Basics
Adding a Printer & Opening Email
Replying to an Email & Attaching Files
Composing an Email and Attaching Files

Insurance Information – Year 8s & 9s in the Academic Year 2019-2020 (Viglen 360 Chromebook and Asus C213 Chromebook)

Compucover Claim Form
Use this form during term time and hand into the ICT Technicians at school who will arrange for collection of the Chromebook and a loan unit whilst your claim is being processed.
Compucover Online Claim Form
Use the online claim form during school holidays should the worst happen whilst the school is shut. It is important to start the claim process ASAP. If you are unsure of your policy number & start date, please e-mail
Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance Key Facts
Accidental Damage and Theft Terms and Conditions

Insurance Information – Year 7’s in the Academic Year 2019-2020 (Asus C213 Chromebook)

Insurance & Extended Warranty Information