Design and Art

The Design and Art Faculty

Subject Overview


At the Hart school Design & Art is plays a crucial role of a student’s curriculum and really supports cross-curricular leaning and final success over their 5 year journey.  Every student in Y7 and Y8 gets to study two periods of Design, 2 periods of Art and a one period rotation of food and textiles to develop crucial life skills linking on to our extensive range of qualifications offered at Ks4 and Ks5.

Art and Design offers opportunities for students to:


  • Develop their creativity, imagination and problem solving skills through visual, tactile and sensory experiences.
  • Develop techniques through experimenting with a wide range of media and materials in response to the disciplines of Art and Design
  • Develop practical, technical and critical skills, communicating their ideas, feelings and meanings in response to the work of artists and designers.

Teaching and Learning 


Year 7 and 8 Art & Design

In year 7 and 8 students follow a design program developed by our Creative Education Trust and puts design at the centre of the curriculum, it sets young people on the path to economic independence as creative, practical and enterprising adults.

The Key Stage 3 Design Programme for CET academies combines a conceptual framework with practical skills that focus around 6 Key Design Concepts.  All projects and design days focus upon these concepts and allow students to explore the world of design.  The Key Concepts we believe cover all aspects of design are; Human Interaction, Practice, Pattern, Meaning, Structure and Performance.

KS4 Design Art & Design

At the Hart school we offer the students many opportunities to choose and develop a subject specialism of their choice and boast fantastic facilities to support their pathway into KS5.  Within Design and Art students start their option in Y9 and select from:

  • GCSE Art
  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Product Design
  • BTEC Engineering
  • BTEC Catering

KS5 Design Art & Design

Leading on from our extensive range of qualifications at KS4 we enable students to continue their studies at our 6th Form where we have specialist facilities and dedicated rooms to support and enhance their learning experience and achieve some excellent outcomes.  Within the faculty we offer students the following GCE options:

  • GCE Product Design
  • BTEC Level 3 Engineering
  • GCE Fine Art
  • GCE 3D Design
  • GCE Photography
  • GCE Textiles

The Design and Art Faculty prides itself on the opportunities and learning experiences it offers students and this is reflected in outcomes that comfortably exceed national averages in all areas and is one of the top performing faculties at the Hart School.

Supporting Your Child at Home


The Design and Art faculty really value and support home learning where we frequently set homework tasks using Show my Homework and upload tasks and resources that engage learners outside the classroom and are accessible at anytime.

Within design lessons we have integrated tasks that use the new Chromebooks which enable students to complete and access tasks at home, independently and look at design outside the curriculum, at their own leisure.

The Design and Art faculty organises a variety of trips to enhance students’ learning.  These vary from year to year, but typically include: a KS3 trip to a London Design Museums, an exchange trip with our partner school in France ‘Lycée Raymond Loewy’ in La Souterraine, Limousin and a variety of visits to local manufacturing companies.  We also regularly visit the beautiful Cannock Chase to support our Photography courses and this year we will be taking our 6th Form design students to several London exhibitions to develop and enhance their coursework.

There are some fantastic websites and resources we encourage students to use to develop their learning within Design & Art such as GCSE Pod, Technology, Kahoot, Mr D&T, Google Sketchup and much, much more linked to homework tasks found on Show My Homework.