The Geography Department

Subject Overview


Geography studies a wide range of topics.  This includes human geography, which looks at topics including economic development, and how humans interact with the planet, to physical geography, including how the world is created and how it can affect human life.  There is also an emphasis on skills, including map work, using satellite imagery and numerical skills.

Geography is truly diverse and asks pupils to engage in the wider world around them.

Teaching and Learning 


At The Hart School in geography, the pupils learn across a varied curriculum in terms of knowledge and skills.  In years 12 and 13 they study AQA A level geography, a two year course which includes four days fieldwork.  They study topics including natural hazards, coasts, and the carbon and water cycles, as well as human topics including global systems and changing places.

In years 9-11 the pupils are working through the GCSE curriculum.  This has a wide range of content.  Pupils will learn about a variety of human topics including urban environments, the economic world, and the challenges of using resources in deserts.  The course often involves studying contemporary issues and problems, and looks for solutions to challenges in the modern world.  Physical topics include natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis), rainforests, rivers, and coasts, examining the natural world and how it links with humans.  There is a renewed focus on the UK and what our place in the world is.

During KS3 (years 7 and 8) the pupils learn from a varied range of topics that prepare them for GCSE as well as exposing them to a range of topics.  This includes in depth studies of specific countries such as India and Ghana as well as wide ranging topics covering globalisation and natural hazards.  Pupils will also work on their map skills as well as using IT.

More information on the GCSE AQA specification can be found here:

Supporting Your Child at Home


Homework is regularly set through the show my homework app.  However there are many opportunities to support your child at home.

In year 7, the pupils begin by learning map skills.  To support them you could show them how useful google maps is on mobile phones, or when out and about on day trips allowing them to use a map to get around.

During the wide variety of topics in KS3 there will be opportunities to support your child at home that your pupil’s teacher will be happy to talk about at parents evening.

During GCSE the most important homework will be around preparing for their end of topic exams, so helping them revise and work through practice questions before exams would help them progress even further.  All pupils are given thorough revision material in the build up to an end of topic exam.

There will also be times when the pupils will need to do research on different aspects of their learning, from the causes of global warming to the problems of living in squatter settlements.  Encouraging them to watch the news regularly will help prepare them for this and understand some of the current issues tackled in geography.