Governance – Scheme of delegation summary

Governor Name Appointing Body Appointment Term End Responsibilities and Committees Other School Governor Posts Connections to Staff Business Interests Declared
Mr Alan Murphy CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2018 Chair of Governors     NO
Mr Andy Drake CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2020

Vice Chair of Governors

Health & Safety; SEN; Safeguarding

Mr Steven Gasser PG Parent Governor 31/08/2019       Inst. Of Mechanical Engineers Volunteer
Mrs Rebecca Brunt STF Staff Governor 24/02/2018 Teaching staff     NO
Mr Sean O’Meara CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2020       NO
Ms Sam Bird CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2019       NO
Mrs Emma Fox CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2020       NO
Mr Neil Cameron CG Sponsor Governor 31/08/2020       NO
Mrs Zoe Hasketh-Boston CG Primary Governor 31/08/2019       NO
Mr Chris Keen HT Headteacher Governor   Principal     NO
Ms Louise Perry   Ex officio   Vice Principal     NO


Governor Attendance at LGB Meetings 2017/18

Governor Name  23/11/16  01/02/17  22/03/17  24/05/17  12/07/17 15/10/17
Mr Alan Murphy  A  P  P  A  P P
Mr Andy Drake  P  P  P  P  A P
Mr Steven Gasser  P  A  P  A  P A
Mrs Rebecca Brunt  P  A  P  A  A A
Mr Sean O’Meara  P  P  P  P  P P
Ms Sam Bird P  A  P  P  P(Parents’ Forum) P
Mr Neil Cameron  A  P  P  P  P P
Mrs Zoe Hasketh-Boston  P  A  P  A  P P

If you need to contact any School Governor, please telephone 01889 802440 or email and we will pass your details on to the relevant Governor.