The History Department

Subject Overview


History at The Hart School examines a wide variety of events across human history.  Pupils are able to study an array of important events and characters from the past, including but not limited to WW2, Jack the Ripper, the Slave Trade and then in GCSE complex issues such as crime and punishment through time.

Pupils are able to look at a wide range of historical sources to bring their subject to life and examine the detail of the past.

Teaching and Learning 

During their GCSEs pupils will study the making of America, a topic which looks at how America was formed including their conflict with the native Indians.  They will also study crime and punishment, a unit that looks at how these important areas of society have changed through time drastically.  This focuses on the UK and gives them a view into why the world is as it currently is.  Pupils also look at the important era of The Elizabethans, which shows the major changes during that period.  Building on their work in KS3 pupils will also look at Nazi Germany, and life under Nazi rule.  Much of the teaching and learning centres around discussion and debate, as well as in depth focus and opportunities for independent work.

There is also a trip to Kenilworth castle which allows pupils to see much of their learning in reality, and examine real historical artefacts.

This forms both an enjoyable and important part of their learning during their GCSEs.

Supporting Your Child at Home

Homework is regularly set through the show my homework app.  However there are many opportunities to support your child at home.

Firstly it would be ideal to visit Kenilworth castle, or any historical site, to show history in action, and allow your child to explore the history of their local area.

There are lots of opportunities to read historical sources in history, an engaging and enjoyable way to visualise the past.  Any historical books would be a great way to support your child’s learning.

Many historical events have now been made into films.  Why not watch some historical films together?  Your history teacher will be happy to point you in the right direction of some modern classics.