Leadership Team

Mr C Keen

Principal of The Hart School

Upper second BA Hons Liverpool University English/PGCE Durham University/NPQ

Likes – Music, sport and people who are thoughtful and kind

Dislikes – Ignorance and arrogance: not a good mix of characteristics!

Favourite Food – Too many to mention!

Interesting Fact – Outside school, I am fortunate enough to musically direct professional musical theatre and each August for the past 13 years I have been musical director for lots of shows including Hairspray, Fame, Footloose, Sister Act, West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Titanic, Annie and Singin’ in the Rain to name but a few.

Miss L Perry

Vice Principal

Upper second BEd (honours) in Physical education from Chelsea PE college.  Masters in Education (Leadership and Management) from Exeter University.

Likes – Fell walking and ‘munro bagging’ (climbing mountains in Scotland that are over 3000ft high)

Dislikes – Arrogance and people who give up too easily

Favourite Food – Indian food

Interesting Fact – At the age of eighteen, I cycled from Land’s End to John of Groats.


Mr J Ashley

Vice Principal – Head of Sixth Form

English Upper Second Class Honours / Sheffield Hallam

Likes – Reading, Sport, extreme weather conditions

Dislikes – Rudeness, ignorance and intolerance

Favourite Food – Cheese

Interesting Fact – Some years ago I was travelling back from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian express we stopped in the middle of the Gobi Desert. It was customary for passengers to hop out to stretch their legs whenever the train stopped. For reasons I cannot remember, I strayed further from the train than I should have. I turned to see the train pulling off without me. I had to sprint as fast as I could and leap on to the back of the train. It remains the only moment in my life when I remind myself of Indiana Jones.

Mr D Thompson

Assistant Principal for Data, ICT and Timetable

Computer Science Upper Second Class Honours / Stafford University

Likes – Football, running & gadgets

Dislikes – Rudeness & reality tv

Favourite Food – Chicken Casserole with my large family

Interesting Fact – As a youngster I had the same dream as many boys to become a professional footballer. This did not quite work out, not because of the lack of talent but due an injury sustained in my late teens. After dislocating my knee cap and tearing my anterior cruciate ligament I had the same operation as the pros do whereby they reconstruct the works of the knee by taking ligaments out of the ankle and pinning them to bones using titanium studs.

The highlight of my very small football career was to play at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, in a charity match.

Miss R Sandham

Assistant Principal: Achievement (KS4)

Upper second BA Hons Wolverhampton University Design / PGCE Wolverhampton University

Likes – Extreme sports, cars, and people who go out of their way

Dislikes – Marmite, The words …. I can’t do , Monday mornings

Favourite Food – Italian cuisine

Interesting Fact – Prior to teaching I was a professional category 10 Sky diver

  • Highest jump – 16,000 feet
  • Local Drop Zone – Hinton Skydiving Centre- Oxfordshire
  • Favourite jump – Out the back of a C-130 Hercules (Military aircraft) – that hurt!
  • Total jumps – 98

Retired due to shoulder injury!


Mrs R Booker

Assistant Principal  – Behaviour

Accountancy, upper second class degree and PGCE in Mathematics. Birmingham Central University and Birmingham University

Likes – Music, snowboarding, reading, swimming

Dislikes – Baked beans and bullying

Favourite Food – Lasagne 

Interesting Fact – I have skydived over the Great Barrier reef from 10000 feet. 

Mr B Brennan

Assistant Principal: Achievement (KS3/KS5)

English Upper Second Class Honours / Sheffield Hallam

Likes –  Films, video games, running

Dislikes – Surliness and Saturday night television

Favourite Food –  Pizza

Interesting Fact –  In the early part of my teaching career, I spent my evenings travelling up and down the country performing stand-up comedy as part of a double act. After a couple of years, I decided to go solo and even started to get paid. However, I decided to stop after receiving my first negative review which I can still recite to this day. The phrase ‘painfully mundane’ will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

I am also have Grade 5 theory in music…..but I can’t play a single instrument!!

Mrs V Hall

Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning

English Upper Second Class Honours / University of Wales

English Secondary PGCE – University of Warwick

Likes – Yoga, politics, teaching, shoes. Not in that order.

Dislikes – Misogynists and inequality

Favourite Food – Cake – any kind, any time of day

Interesting Fact – In 2000, I lived in Australia, working in various pubs and restaurants… One such place was a 24-hour cocktail bar in Sydney. It was a pleasant enough establishment, and never especially busy. Frequently, during the witching hours of the night, all of the staff (including the doorman) would play cards to pass the time. On one such night, our peace was disturbed by three very large men, each carrying a very large gun. They demanded the cash from the tills (which was barely $50 – about £20) and then had what might be described as a ‘man-tantrum’ when they realised they’d risked a decade in prison for such a piddling amount of cash. We were, initially, frozen with fear, but, as the moronic attempt at a robbery unravelled, we became somewhat entertained. The men ran off into the night, with their full $50 and we called the police. No one was hurt, of course but we all received a tongue-lashing from our boss. Unsurprisingly, the doorman was sacked!


Miss L Harris

Assistant Principal: English & Performance, Literacy and Student Development

English Literature Upper Second Class Honours / University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Likes – Singing, playing the piano and the theatre 

Dislikes – Incorrect apostrophe use

Favourite Food – Cawl, bara brith and picau ar y maen

Interesting Fact – When I was eleven, I won a writing competition. The prize was my height … in chocolate. True story. 

Mrs R Hobbs

Assistant Principal: Maths & Numeracy

B.A Medieval and Modern History (Birmingham University)

M.A Museum and Heritage Management (Nottingham Trent University)

PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Keele University)

PhD (Currently working towards, due to be completed 2021) – Municipal Identity in Mid-Victorian Birmingham 1851-68 (Birmingham University)

Likes – Scandinavian crime dramas, finances and accounting, guinea pigs, political and social history of the mid Victorian period, learning new languages, visiting museums and castles, I’m a lifetime member of both the National Trust and English Heritage!  

Dislikes – Onions, selfishness, too much noise

Favourite Food – Garlic bread

Interesting Fact – I used to be a model!  (For a colouring in book!)  In my former career in museums I had to pose for a photo in medieval costume which was turned into a picture for a colouring in book.  I was also lucky enough to live in a museum for two years, knowing there was a cellar beneath me where bodies had been dissected.

Mr G Lloyd

Assistant Principal for Academy Partnerships and Events

2:1 (Hons) B.Ed – Maths Education (MMU); Distinction MA – Educational Leadership (Keele_

Likes – Port Vale FC, travelling, walking, ornithology, reading, collecting football programmes, dining out, cricket.

Dislikes – Crewe Alexandra FC, teams who play the ball into the corner to waste time at the end of a football match, ‘gamesmanship’, tailgaters, driving in snow, lifts, flying.

Favourite Food – Anything my wife cooks.  Restaurant food: Chicken Ceylon from an Indian Restaurant, or Chinese deep fried shredded chicken in chilli sauce.

Interesting Fact – My oldest and most valuable football programme is Port Vale vs WBA in the 1954 FA Cup Semi-Final.  I intend to join the 92 Club by visiting all of the current Premier League, Championship and League grounds.  I’m on about 70 current grounds but it’s a moving target.  When we leave teaching, we’re going to buy a B&B in North Wales.


Mrs C Harrington-Jones

Associate Assistant Principal: Literacy, Numeracy & Primary Partnerships

Upper Second Class BA Hons in History and Politics, PGCE in Primary Education from Wolverhampton University, National Award for SENCo and currently studying for a PGCE in Specific Learning Difficulty Dyslexia.

Likes – Italy and California

Dislikes – Mussels, sweetcorn, spiders and people who forget to say please and thank you.

Favourite Food – Chocolate and cheese (and anything Italian!)

Interesting Fact – I used to work for a Historic Motor Racing Team, helping with the catering for sponsorship guests and staff, travelling around motor racing circuits in Europe – one of the highlights was spending a few days driving around in a 1924 Morgan – the sister car won the Le Mans 24 Hours race and flying round the Nurburgring in a Volvo estate of all things!