The MFL Department

Subject Overview


We’re passionate about the benefits that learning a language can bring and hope to share that with the students. We strongly believe in languages as a skill for life and something students should enjoy and find rewarding.

In the global world that we live in, it is more important than ever to provide our young people with new opportunities that might open doors for their future.

Teaching and Learning 


Year 7 and 8

In KS3 pupils learn French or Spanish 2 lessons a week, following the coursebooks Allez and Zoom. The main aim is for pupils to speak spontaneously, develop grammatical competence and build on what they have already learned at Primary. Pupils learn to express their needs and opinions; to participate in a number of increasingly complex and challenging classroom routines, to discuss their likes and dislikes. We introduces pupils to Francophone and Hispanic cultures, traditions and societies around the world.

French or Spanish GCSE

Students at GCSE continue to build on what they learnt in lower school. They work towards being able to write and speak spontaneously in the target language and they study topics such as family relationships, leisure, technology, customs and festivals, the environment and other social issues to name but a few.

Students are formally examined at the end of Year 11 in all 4 skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In all years, pupils with special educational needs are supported in a number of ways; differentiated resources, 1-1 intervention, contact with parents for extra support.

We offer French and Spanish with AQA at A level.  Students have 4 lessons per week.  The main topic areas include: Media, Family Relationships, Healthy Living and Popular Culture and the Environment, Multicultural Society, Contemporary Social Issues. We also study a film and a book in the native language as part of the course. Many of our students go on to study languages at university.

Supporting Your Child at Home


All students from all year groups are encouraged to learn vocabulary linked to the course using a website/app called We also use to support the pupils learning with interactive resources and access to the textbook online.

Parents can support by ensuring their son/daughter is making progress on Memrise and maybe even learning the new language alongside them.

We also encourage parent projects from cooking together, watching Foreign language films together or doing some research about the French or Spanish speaking world.

The MFL department organises a variety of trips to enhance students’ learning.  These vary from year to year, but typically include: a KS3 trip to a castle in Normandy, an exchange trip with our partner school in France ‘Lycée Raymond Loewy’ in La Souterraine, Limousin and a KS3 trip to Spain. Furthermore an A level work experience trip to Limoges, a KS5 trip to Berlin in collaboration with the History department.