The Music Department

Subject Overview

In the music department, we explore an engaging music curriculum as we believe our students should be music making as much as possible.  Music allows us to express ourselves and stimulate emotions, making performing arts unique.

We enrich our experience by learning about performance, composition, sequencing and song writing, to name a few. Through learning to play an instrument, we develop patience, resilience and the confidence to perform with and for others.

Our courses at key stage four and five enable students to build upon the skills listed above, preparing them for a future in the music industry and further education, as well as a plethora of relevant transferable skills that will be beneficial for whatever next pathway they choose.  As well as extensive extra-curricular opportunities, we also offer an exciting peripatetic programme alongside our curriculum to enhance the musical experience at The Hart School.

Teaching and Learning 


The Topics for Each Year

Year 7:

Unit 1 – Singing

Unit 2 – The Music Elements

Unit 3 – Keyboard Skills

Unit 4 – Rhythm

Unit 5 – Pop Music

Unit 6 – Blues Music

Year 8:

Unit 7 – Film Music

Unit 8 – Hooks & Riffs

Unit 9 – Song Writing

Unit 10 – Reggae

Unit 11 – Keyboard Skills Continued

Unit 12 – Ensemble Workshop

Key Stage Four Options:

BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music (NQF)

Unit 1: The Music Industry

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance

Unit 6: Introducing Music Sequencing

Key Stage Five Options:

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music (QCF)

Unit 15: Live Music Workshop

Unit 22: Music Performance Session Styles

Unit 23: Music Performance Techniques

Unit 33: Solo Music Performance Skills

Unit 40: Working and Developing as a Musical Ensemble

Unit 43: Special Subject Investigation


Such a wide spectrum of knowledge allows for greater opportunities in pursuing a career in the music industry or further education!

Supporting Your Child at Home


As mentioned above, we offer a very successful peripatetic programme allowing students to develop their skills on a chosen instrument.  If you wish for your child to attend an additional music lesson every week, then this can be arranged!

At the Hart School, we are very strong believers of using our voice; our schemes of work in year seven are very much based around this, so you should be able to encourage your son/daughter to rehearse at home.  Students will often be given a set piece of music to study or a stimulus to compose from.  Therefore, research is very important in the music classroom.  If you wish to help your child progress, then researching material prior to the lessons always enables our students to make progress in addition to the homework set during the lesson.

If students opt to study music at key stage four and five, performance is a main element of the course.  Confidence is key for students to reach their potential, therefore ensuring your son/daughter is performing on a regular basis will only aid their development.

Finally, the success of a music department is only achievable with regular extra-curricular activity.  We currently run a successful choir and band every week, therefore allowing your child to attend both clubs would allow them to benefit from extra music tuition and to develop in an ensemble context.