Reports & Data

GCSE Results 2018

The OFSTED framework and the Department for Education have introduced new performance table measures. There is now a great emphasis on progress rather than attainment only. The key headline measure is now Progress 8, replacing the previous attainment measure of 5 A*-C including English and mathematics.
We at The Hart School firmly believe in measuring success by the progress every single student makes across all of their subjects. This is a measure of the value we add during the students’ educational journey with us, regardless of their ability.
If you would like to compare our results nationally please use the Compare School Performance Service.

Progress Score 2018

Progress 8 measures the difference between what a student achieves in their subjects and what national benchmarks require them to achieve. A score of zero indicates expected progress has been made. A score below -0.5 is regarded as below the national floor standard.
Key Performance Indicators for Y11 who left in July 2018
  • Progress 8 Score = -0.47
  • Average Attainment 8 Score Per Pupil = 40.1
  • Grade 4 and above in both English & maths GCSEs = 46%
  • Grade 5 and above in both English & maths GCSEs = 26%
  • Percentage of pupils entered for the English Baccalaureate at the end of KS4 = 17%
  • Percentage of pupils who have achieved the English Baccalaureate at the end of KS4 = 24%
  • Percentage of pupils staying in education or employment after KS4 = 95%

Pupil Premium

Our next Pupil Premium strategy review will be in May 2019.


Post 16 Performance 2018

Key Statistics
  • The progress pupils have made compared with pupils across the country – A Levels = +0.12, Applied General = +0.2, Tech Level = N/A
  • The average grade that pupils achieve at KS5 – A levels = 31.3, Applied General = 31.32, Tech Level = N/A
The good outcomes of 2017 have been further improved in 2018 in relation to progress and attainment, with more students continuing to University.   There has also been a significant increase in the number of students continuing into Y12.
We are really proud of the following subjects who achieved a high % of A*-B grades:
  • Fine Art = 100%
  • Sociology = 100%
  • IT = 68%
  • Materials = 68%
We are really proud of the following subjects who achieved a high % of Distinction* & Distinction grades:
  • Business = 100%
  • Music = 100%
  • Sport = 100%