Sixth Form Key Staff

Mr B Brennan

Assistant Principal

English Upper Second Class Honours / Sheffield Hallam
Likes –  Films, video games, running
Dislikes – Surliness and Saturday night television
Favourite Food –  Pizza
Interesting Fact –  In the early part of my teaching career, I spent my evenings travelling up and down the country performing stand-up comedy as part of a double act. After a couple of years, I decided to go solo and even started to get paid. However, I decided to stop after receiving my first negative review which I can still recite to this day. The phrase ‘painfully mundane’ will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.
I am also have Grade 5 theory in music…..but I can’t play a single instrument!!!

Miss S Dosanjh

Associate Assistant Principal – Equal Opportunities & Director of Computing Faculty

Second Class Honours Visual Communication at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. PGCE, University of Bath
Likes – Hiking, positivity and advertising
Dislikes – Rudeness, lack of manners and using Word/PPT to create posters
Favourite Food – Cake, especially chocolate fudge cake
Interesting Fact – Currently in the progress of writing a novel/auto-biography that depicts the trials and tribulations of growing up as an Asian female and trying to fit in. Am hoping it will be made into a blockbuster movie.

Miss S Brittle

Teacher of Psychology