School Curriculum Intent

Our school curriculum fosters three distinctive strands; The Academic, The Ambition and Knowledge Connected Curriculum. We aim for students at The Hart School to be Lifelong Learners and well prepared to be Responsible Citizens for the Future. Students’ growth in these areas is developed across all aspects of their school experience: subject lessons, tutor time, assemblies and wider curricular opportunities. 

At The Hart School we believe that “Every student has the opportunity to achieve beyond their potential”. Our intent is that pupils at The Hart experience a coherently sequenced curriculum which allows them to develop complex schema to understand the world around them.

Our Curriculum offer:

  • Provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is truly comprehensive and accessible to all students, including those with Special Educational Needs. 
  • Delivers opportunities for students to learn to be successful, to gain useful, transferable skills whilst also acquiring relevant knowledge. 
  • Enables high standards of academic achievement where outcomes empower students to progress to Higher Education. 
  • Affords opportunities for all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs to develop a high level of literacy and numeracy and essential skills in reading, writing and oracy for success in the wider curriculum and in adult life.  
  • Provides exposure to cultural capital and experiences beyond the classroom to inspire pupils to succeed in the next stage in their education, training or employment.
  • Expands students’ perspectives through a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities to promote their sense of moral and social responsibility. 
  • Fosters a strength of character, and resilience that will help pupils to cope with choices and overcome the challenges they are likely to encounter in life.
  • Promotes community cohesion and the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Our HART ethos underpins the values that we look to instil in our students.

Learners who are confident, literate and well-rounded citizens. They understand the world’s communities and are ready to discover their place in it through enquiry and self-reflection. 

Learners are ambitious to achieve. They gain deep and powerful knowledge in preparation for life, combining academic rigour, curiosity and creative flair. 

Learners are fully equipped and ready for this world. They are not fazed when faced with challenges and are determined to be successful. 

Learners respect the individuality of each person and value diversity. They promote a culture which allows all to flourish through mutual respect. 

Research considered when designing our curriculum includes: 

  • Cognitive Load Theory – to ensure our curriculum is designed to build complex schema as they progress through the curriculum and is implemented through effective learning strategies (retrieval practice, spaced practice, interleaving, elaboration, dual-coding and concrete examples). 
  • Adaptive teaching – teachers adapting their lesson to the changing needs of their pupils to ensure progression from prior knowledge. 
  • Growth Mindset Theory – pupils experience opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding with no limit placed on the levels of attainment and progress. Our pupils will grow into resilient learners. 
  • Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction – to ensure our curriculum is implemented in an effective manner, teachers present new material in small steps and students have opportunities to practice and develop.

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If you wish to discuss the curriculum, please contact Mr David Thompson – Vice Principal for Data, Assessment & Reporting.