In the Design and Art faculty, students have the chance to learn and explore a wealth of creative new skills. Learning in is purposeful and relevant as students in all lessons see a direct link to industry, a career, and the influence of the art and technology on our past, present and future. Students within the subjects use their creativity and imagination across a variety of disciplines to plan, design, create and make prototypes/artwork and dishes that solve real world problems. Students build their knowledge in many theoretical areas including contemporary technologies, artists, materials and processes, design and art movements, nutrition and current world topics including sustainability and social responsibility.

The vision for learners in Design and Art is to progress with us as independent, collaborative and competent students that can analyse, problem solve, design, reflect, apply, make, evaluate and, have an in-depth understanding of the theoretical topics relating to Design, Art, Photography, Engineering and Hospitality. Option choices within the faculty allow our learners to explore subjects of interest and possible careers links as well as supporting other subjects such as Maths, English, Science. A Design and Arts education can also support a student to improve self-esteem, perseverance, accountability, collaborative and social skills.