Academy Council

As an Academy, we have an Academy Council (AC) made up of Directors of the Trust and members of the local community.

The AC meets on a regular basis to ensure that:

  • The Academy acts in accordance with its ethos, values and goals
  • All decisions are made in the best interests of the Academy and its pupils
  • Leaders in the Academy are held to account for their decisions and actions
  • Academy funds are appropriately spent, with a clear and transparent audit trail

All Governors are appointed by the Creative Education Trust. There are no Governing Body Committees.

RoleName of Governor
Chair of Academy CouncilAlan Murphy
Vice ChairAndrew Drake
PrincipalChris Keen
GovernorNeil Cameron
GovernorSteven Gasser
GovernorJoanne Greenfield
GovernorZoe Hasketh-Boston
GovernorMelanie Havelock
GovernorNicole McCartney
GovernorSean O’Meara
GovernorTracey Pavier-Grant
GovernorSarah-Jane Workman
Clerk to GovernorsSuzanne Prior

Contact the Academy Council

If you wish to contact the Chair, please do so in writing to:

Private & Confidential
Alan Murphy Chair of Academy Council
c/o The Hart School Penkridge Bank Road
WS15 2UE

Statutory Information

Below is a link to the following Statutory Information on the Creative Education Trust’s website:

  • Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Register of directors’ Interests
  • Scheme of delegation
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Master funding agreements