Key Staff

Directors of Faculty, Directors of Key Stage, Student Support Officers and Senior Management  all welcome you to contact them about matters regarding your son/daughter. Please be mindful that they may be teaching and will get back to you as soon as they are available. If you are not sure who to direct your query to, please use the general enquiries email address ( and your email will be forwarded onto the appropriate person.

Faculty Directors

Subject Person
English Mr Brennan
Maths Miss Green
Science Mrs Copestake
HumanitiesMrs Lewis
Languages Mrs Lewis
Performing ArtsMrs Askey
ComputingMr Brindley / Ms Worton
Sport & HealthMs Dix
DesignMr Brickley

Heads of Year

Year 7Mrs Knight
Year 8Ms Cowley
Year 9Ms Cockbill
Year 10Mr Yeomans
Year 11Mrs Long

Student Support Officers

Year 7Mrs Murdoch
Year 7Mr Bradbury
Year 8Mr Wells
Year 9Mrs Godridge
Year 10Mrs Burns
Year 11Mrs Merrian

Tutor Group

Tutor GroupPerson
7-MEVMattew Evans
7-MMIMartin Mills
7-KLIKelly Lightfoot
7-SWOSarah Worton
7-LDALaura Davies
7-KCAKyra Caulfield
7-TBRThomas Brindley
8-SEVSarah Evans
8-SBEStephen Beddows
8-SDASarah Dawson
8-AJOAndrew Jones
8-NMONicola Moore
8-AWAAnne Walker
8-ISMJohnthan Smith
8-CDAChloe Dalby
9-RBRRichard Brindley
9-VSUVerity Suen
9-AWIAlexander Windows
9-DRYDanny Ryan
9-JDIJayson Dickson
9-DWRDaniel Ward
9-CLOChristian Lockley
9-TWATom Walter
10-JCRJoanne Crofts
10-MHAMichelle Hackett
10-CJHClarissa Johnson
10-DKIDavid Kitley
10-ESTEmma Stonebridge
10-HGOHolly Goss
10-CJAClaire Jackson
11-CCPClare Copstake
11-JGEJodie Green
11-JWAJamie Wagstaff
11-RPARichard Parker
11-RCLRosie Cleland
11-RBURebecca Brunt
11-STYSophie Taylor
11-MEFMiranda Effler
11-NJENatasha Jenkins
11-ESMEmma Smith
11-JMA/LELJane Martin
12&13-ECOEmma Cooper
12&13-SBRStacey Brittle
12&13-DWADenise Walters
12&13-AADAndrea Adams
12&13-GBRGareth Brickley
12&13-KHRKate Harding