Message from the Principal

I am extremely passionate about providing the best possible learning opportunities and experiences for all students, irrespective of their strengths, challenges and needs.

Every single person has the right to a good education because as well as changing lives, education creates opportunities and makes our world a better place to live and work in.

I’m absolutely convinced that the key to pupil success is raising aspirations and expectations by positively rewarding students for their achievements and building their confidence up, through knowledge, belief and self-esteem.

Education changes lives, it creates opportunities and it makes our world a better place.  

And that is our mission at the Hart School to deliver a life changing education, to ensure that our students gains their place as Global Citizens of an ever changing world.

I am absolutely convinced that the key to raising aspirations and expectations is to positively reward students for their achievements,  building their confidence, knowledge, belief and self-esteem.

These are key to your child’s success. That is what we do at The Hart School.

Ms R Sandham
The Hart School