Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is the name given to extra funding the government has set aside to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Hart School is committed to using this funding to narrow the gaps in the outcomes of students from disadvantaged backgrounds compared to their peers, so that they are fully able to make the most of future opportunities when presented.

To achieve this, The Hart School will focus on providing quality first teaching in lessons, along with a wide range of interventions to help disadvantaged students close gaps caused by missed learning due to the recent pandemic which has disproportionately affected disadvantaged students more than their peers.  We will provide additional pastoral support and career guidance to raise aspirations for students we identify as in need, to ensure they are aware of possible career paths and the steps needed to get there at each stage of their learning.  We will work to maintain high levels of attendance so that students are in school to access lessons and other learning opportunities so that they are in a position to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We will facilitate pupils accessing a wide range of enrichment experiences, both in and out of school, which will positively impact on their academic achievement and well-being.

Our next Pupil Premium strategy review will be in May 2022.