Questions & Answers

We have lots of exciting things planned to ensure that the transition from primary school goes smoothly, and the children feel happy and confident about their next steps.

The first of these will be a Q&A session for Year 6 students and parents to ask our Year 7 students and transition team any questions they have.

Please submit your questions via the link below! Once we’ve gathered a range of questions, we will set up an event, hosted by our students, where we answer each question and give you all of the information you need before your child starts with us in September.

The Hart School has a large site and it might take you a little while to find your way around but most students start to learn their way from classroom to classroom in a week or two. If you get lost – and you probably will at some point at first – there are always members of staff and older students on corridors who you can turn to and ask for directions. Don’t be scared as they will be happy to help.

Before you join us in September, you might find it useful to look at the map of the school. It might look complicated but will start to make more sense when you receive your timetable with room numbers on. You will quickly notice that all rooms for a subject tend to be grouped together in one area of the school (e.g. all Art and design rooms are in D Block). This makes it easier to find your way around.

Year 7 will have its own designated zone where only year 7 can go. This is for morning registration, break and lunch time. This is to help year 7 settle in and to get to know peers in their year group well. Your Head of Year, Student Support Officer and Senior leader Link will be present in your zone at all times, this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Your Form Tutor will be your first point of contact who you will see every day if you have any concerns. You will also have a team of Pastoral staff who will be there to support you. Your head of year and student support officer will be based in your zone daily.

The Hart School is a cashless operating school.  You cannot use cash to pay for food in the Restaurant. We will scan your thumb print or give you a pin. Your parents will be able to upload money to your ParentPay account remotely at any time online.

You will be able to buy food in the restaurant before due to time, break time and lunchtime. Money spent will be deduced from your account.

Come September, we might not be able to let you use your thumbprint on the machines because of stricter hygiene rules linked to the coronavirus situation. We might use cards only instead.

There is! We understand that you might sometimes be a bit late to a lesson if you get lost on your way. You may also have to get used to new routines in the morning to arrive in school by 8.30.

If you are late during the first couple of weeks of school, you will not be getting a detention. Your teacher or Form Tutor will probably have a little chat with you to understand why you were late and help you make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

We will let you know during registration and assemblies of when we plan to start giving detentions for lateness. By then, you will have had time to learn your way around the school.

Your primary school will have passed this information onto us. We will try as much as possible to put you in the same form as one of your friends and people who your Year 6 teachers told us you work well with, but this is not always possible.

Most people will end up in the same form as at least one friend from primary school. If you come from a smaller primary school – or a school where not many people come to The Hart School – this might not be the case. Do not worry though as you will quickly get to know new people from your form group, and this will help you make new friends.

Also, being in the same form as a friend does not mean that you will be sitting together in class. In fact, you might be in different classes for some of your subjects, like Maths and English. You will still be able to see your friends during social times: break and lunch times, before and after school.

You will get a break in the morning after your first two lessons of the day. During break time, you can go outside to relax in the year 7 zone, meet your friends from other classes, buy food and drinks from the restaurant, go to the Year 7 Learning Resource Area to use the computers or go to the toilet.

Break time is the same for all year groups in the school.

We expect every student to have a school bag and pencil case with the following equipment:

  • Pen (black, green and red)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler 
  • Protractor
  • Eraser
  • Scientific calculator
  • Spanish dictionary for your language lessons.

On the days when you have PE, you will also need to remember to bring your PE kit.

You will find out about after-school clubs and activities in assemblies and during form time. Your Form Tutor will let you know when and where clubs start a couple of weeks into the term. There is a list of extra-curricular activities on offer at The Hart School on the website if you want to have a look and think about what you’d like to have a go at.

You should try to go to the toilet at break and/or lunch time as much as possible to avoid missing out on lesson time. There is usually enough time and enough toilets available around school to accommodate this.

If you really need to go to the toilet during a lesson, you will need to find an appropriate time to ask your teacher for their permission and they will give you a pass. You may need to show this pass to other members of staff if they ask you why you are out of your lesson.

Teachers may refuse permission to go to the toilet if you ask to go just after break or lunchtime, or in the last 10-15 minutes of a lesson before break or lunch.

In September, we might also have to be stricter about when people go to the toilet if social distancing rules are still in place, but we will let you know about this on your first day.

You are allowed to bring your mobile phone in school but it must stay switched off and placed in your bag not your pocket. You are not allowed to use your mobile phone whilst on site at any time. You can use your phone once you have left the school site.

If you do not follow this rule and you are caught using your mobile phone on the school site then this will be confiscated until the end of the day. If this happens a second time, then your parent/carer will be asked to collect your phone from school.

School does not accept responsibility for any damage to your phone when in school so you might choose to not bring it in at all.

At The Hart School we have 4 Core Values: Happy, Ambitious, Resilient, and Tolerant.

These Core Values underpin everything we do on a daily basis, ensuring that all students and staff know the role that they have to play in both our school and wider community as a whole. We expect everyone at The Hart School to follow believe and embrace the following: WE CAN. WE WILL. WE DO.