Summer School

We at The Hart School understand recent times have been unsettled and as such children have not has as much time in the classroom, nor have they had the opportunity to participate in many of the enrichment opportunities ordinarily on offer.  Our Summer School Programme 2021 aimed to address these elements, whilst empowering our young students with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to embrace future opportunities.

We had an action planned week comprised of the following:

Monday: Teambuilding (Arts and Crafts) 

Working in teams the children explored a range of fun and exciting art techniques from modelling with clay to mono printing to create their own class totem.  All this, whilst making new friends and meeting many of the staff that will be taught or supported by over the course of this year.

Tuesday:  Trip to Go-Ape (subject to change)

What a fantastic day.  The children had a great time challenging themselves by walking amongst the trees tops and demonstrating leadership, team working and problem-solving skills in the gorilla games.  It was wonderful how supportive they were of each other, demonstrating the family ethos that is fundamental to The Hart School. 

Wednesday: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) 

The day saw model cars pitted against each other, shooting across a 10 m track at high speed as the children raced the F1 model vehicles they designed and made.  It was great to see them using their knowledge of science and evaluation skills to test and refine their models before going head to head against other teams.

Thursday: Let’s Get Physical (outdoor activities and Performing Arts)

Whether up a climbing wall or shooting arrows children were involved in a carousel of different activities designed to support both mental and physical well-being.

Friday: Business and Enterprise Day and Celebration Event

Children started the day looking at the marketing of products by considering the importance of logos and how they are financed and promoted.  They then went on to create a product of their own.  Without event knowing it the children utilised a range of skills including maths and literacy as well as their artistic flair whilst working effectively as part of a team. At the end of the session the children then pitched their product to our very own dragons.  We were incredibly impressed by the quality of detail the children put into their pitches.

By the end of the week we had happy and confident children that were eager to start school in September.

A summary of the funding received from the government, and a breakdown of spending will be published by the end of September.


‘The best week of my summer’.

‘Go-Ape helped me do things I never thought I could’.

‘I love Summer School’

‘I was nervous about joining but I can’t wait to start in September’

The Year 6 Hart Summer School 2022 is planned for the week of 1st August. 

Whilst the date may be subject to change, we hope you are able to keep the week free so your child can join us for what we are sure will prove a positive week in which new friendships are built.  Further details will be shared directly with the parents / carers of the Year 6 joining us in September.