Transition Timeline

The Hart School believes that it is imperative that Year 6 students have a positive move into Year 7. It is vital that they feel confident and equipped to make the transition into the School at the start of the academic year.

We feel that in order to achieve a positive transition, parents should be fully informed about the process.

What do I need to know about transition?

This timeline aims to inform you about when you should expect to hear from us regarding transition. It also outlines the steps in place to support a smooth and successful transition for all children.

We ask that you are patient with us at this time. We are trying to develop a transition process that can work in this current climate. It is important to let you know that events as we expect them to happen may need to be changed and adjusted at any moment depending on guidance from the Government and the Local Authority.

We will do our best to keep you as informed as possible.

1st March 2022: National Offer Day

You will receive an email from your local authority with the offer of a place for your child(ren) or alternatively you can check online yourself within the application portal

Please accept your child’s place online via the Citizen Portal.

If you wish to decline your place you must do this in writing to your Local Authority, please also email

 If you applied for a place on paper, then your Local Authority are aiming for you to receive your confirmation letter on this date.

March 2022: Welcome letter from the Principal

We will be sending out letters to all parents/carers of year 6 children who have been offered places at The Hart School for September.

This will confirm your offer of a place with us and give you details of how to accept.

March 2022: Deadline for appeal applications

Final dates for appeal applications, please ensure you get the correct date for the local authority area

Staffordshire: June 15 2022

April 2022: Year 6 Teacher meeting

Information will be sent to primary schools in the summer term. This will include details of transition events along with an electronic data collection form to gather important information for your child. 

May 2022: Induction Letter

Information will be sent to parents inviting them to an Induction Evening and their child to an Induction Day.

June 2022: Transition Visits

Our Primary Transition Co-ordinator, Head of Year and SENCo will begin visits to primary schools to talk to students about life at The Hart School.

June 2022: Transition Evening and days

We will host an induction evening for parents/carers. The evening will focus on key information to enable your child to experience a smooth transition. 

Students will experience a range of lessons and activities to help them feel prepared and excited for their move up to The Hart School. 

Week Commencing 1st August 2022: Summer Programme

The Summer programme is a fantastic opportunity for students to get together before the start of term for a weeks’ worth of fun activities.

Wednesday 7th September 2022: First day of term 

This is the first day of the new academic year for our Y7 students. 

Students will not be required to bring their PE kit with them on their first day in school. 

Students will spend time in their tutors to familiarise themselves in their new school and planning their week ahead. 

October 2022 (date TBC): Year 7 Tutor evening 

This is an evening event for you and your child you come along and speak with their tutor to discuss how they are settling into life at The Hart School.