Learn to CodeUseful resources and guides to help parents and children code their own games and applications.
Computing & Business TripsComputing trips linked to curriculum, perfect for a fun-filled educational day.
1.     The National Museum of Computing – Milton Keynes
2.     LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort
3.     Apple field trip – across the UK
4.     Bletchley Park
5. Thorpe Park
YouTube Revision for iMedia (Yr 10 & 11)Exam preparation for Creative iMedia 

Preproduction Documents

Creating Digital Graphics

Other Units
Yr 10 EnterpriseFor Y10 business for up an coming Btec assignment-
·  Link to a scaffolded help/checklist that breaks the assignment into small chunks and allows the parents/child so see what needs to be included within the assignment and tick off as they complete.
·  Link to YouTube video to support the content/knowledge required for the assignment
Market Research:
Primary Research:
Secondary Research:
·  The Presentations related to the assignment that contains the knowledge required upload to the files section in teams, students/parents sign posted to this.

At the Hart school we believe it is important to celebrate diversity and to see it presented in a positive way. Equally we want to promote the importance of reading diverse texts; and so, we have created a list of Top Ten books to read in each category! Books which explore, Ethnic Groups; LGBTQ+, Disability and Religion in a positive and progressive way. This would be the perfect opportunity to do some joint reading with your child.

Happy reading!!

Ethnic Groups:

  1. The Boy at the Back of the Class – Onjali Q. Rauf
  2. We Hunt the Flame – Hafsah Faizal
  3. When the World was Ours – Liz Kessler
  4. Death Sets Sail – Robin Stevens
  5. Ace of Spades – Faridad Abike-Lymide
  6. Felix Ever After – Kacen Callender
  7. We Free the Stars – Hafsah Faizal
  8. The Taking of Jake Livingstone – Ryan Douglass
  9. Black and British – David Olusoga
  10. Endgame – Malorie Blackman


  1. Heartstopper – Alice Oseman (Series of Books)
  2. Nick and Charlie – Alice Oseman
  3. She Gets the Girl – Rachael Lippincott
  4. They Both Die in the End – Adam Silvera
  5. I Kissed Shara Wheeler – Casey McQuiston
  6. Only on the Weekends – Dean Atta
  7. Boys Next Door – Lissa Kasey
  8. The Reckless Kind – Carly Heath
  9. Summer of 99 – Mavis Sybil
  10. Every Word You Never Said – Jordon Greene


  1. Wonder – R. J. Palacio
  2. The Thing with Features – McCall Hoyle
  3. The Running Dream – Wendelin Van Draanen
  4. Owning It: Stories about Teens with Disabilities – Donald R Gallo
  5. deaf not Deaf – Christian Fusco
  6. Speechless – Kate Darbishire
  7. Up for Air – Laurie Morrison
  8. Running Full Tilt – Michael Currinder
  9. True Biz – Sara Novic
  10. The Starburst Effect – Kelly Oram


  1. Unshakable Faith – Christopher Roberts
  2. Love from Mecca to Medina – S.K. Ali
  3. Becoming Who I Am – Anders Bennett
  4. What was the Holocuast? Gail Herman
  5. The Pyramid Prophecy – Caroline Vermalle
  6. The Boy Who Created a Religion – Oliver William Bowman and Emmie Rose Taylor
  7. After the Fire – Will Hill
  8. Sweep: Seeker, Origins and Eclipse – Cate Tiernan
  9. The Savage Grace – Bree Despain
  10. The Girl of Ink and Stars – Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Visit the Theatre!
A trip to the library/book shop.Create your own book club at home, read the same books, watch the films, open up discussions about current and classic literature.
Take them to Heritage sites / museums to help them gain understanding of social conventions in different time periods which are explored in Literature.
Particular eras and movements are:
Industrial Revolution
Capitalism and Socialism
Russian Revolution
Encourage a dialogue around current affairs and the way events are written about in newspapers or on TV.

Play map gamesThere are a range of games where you can explore the world and develop skills together as a family. Below are a few:
Scrambled States of America (shown above)
Ticket to Ride Europe
Cities Around the World Card Game
License Plate Game
Race Across the USA
Passport To Culture Game
Have a go at geocaching!Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity.  Great fun for the family and there are opportunities locally or further afield.
Watch the plethora of documentaries sharing the beauty of our planetBBC iplayer is a great way to access:
The Blue Planet I and II
The Green Planet
The Earthshot prize

Create Your Own Country – The Earthshot Prize

Design a coat of arms or flag and slogan for your countryCreate a list of laws for your countryExplain the favourite sports of your country and the rules.
Write and deliver a speech to celebrate your country(5 points)Create a leaflet or website to advertise holidays in your countryCreate a menu that represents traditional food from your country
Design a map of your country showing major landmarks, animal habitats, historic sites (physical && human map)
Write 10 commandments for your country to demonstrate your culture/morals and religionCreate a currency that works for your country. Work out the exchange rate & some examples of prices & salaries

Visit a historical site like a castle together.Consider visiting Kenilworth Castle:
or Tamworth Castle:
Get creative and make a Motte and Bailey Castle together.Use this handy step by step guide on how to make a Mottle and Bailey Castle:
Get even more creative and make a WW1 trench cake.These series/films are on Netflix – please check age rating to ensure appropriate for your child.
Hitler’s circle of evil.
Watch a historical film or series togetherThese series/films are on Netflix – please check age rating to ensure appropriate for your child.
Hitler’s circle of evil
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Forrest Gump
Pearl Harbour

Cook or bake togetherIn maths we look at, converting units, adapting recipes, and working with time. By cooking together at home, you will be doing a lot of the practical maths that we teach. Use the website below for recipe ideas:
Challenge each other to a game of countdownCountdown is a classic number game, and you can challenge each other at home to solve countdown puzzles. A website which you can do this can be found:
ShoppingWhen you are out shopping, discuss the following questions (these are examples):
–        Which deal is the best buy?
–        Is it always better to buy the bigger pack? It is better value for money?
–        If I brought 4 of these how much will it cost?
– What is the discount with 15% off this item?
Research a famous mathematicianAs a family, research and create a fact file about a famous mathematician. Learn about their findings and life.

Pythagoras, Archimedes, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, Euphemial L Haynes, Benjamin Banneker,  Johanna Lucht, Katherine Johnson, Shakuntala Devi.
Maths in the homeAny maths around the home is great to talk about, here are some suggestions:
–        Timings of films, cooking, sports matches
–        Statistics from sports games
–        Measurements and areas of walls/garden for decorating
– Looking at the costs of any item and discounts (including bills)

What’s it called!Labelling items in the house with Post It notes to remember the words (Fridge, kettle, table etc)
CookingCook a Spanish meal together.

Let’s get fit together as a familyDo a body coach workout with Jo Wicks
Get creative and have a go at designing your own circuit.Watch Joe Wickes introduction to HIT training sessions and then have a go at designing your own, using exercises of your choice and targeting your individual muscle groups.
Get inspired and watch the best moments from Olympics 2020
Read and discuss together how to create your own training programme for a family member

Learn a dance routine together at home: Use these 5 fun clips to learn Musical Theatre based routines in your living room:
Get creative and have a go at making your own Musical Instrument together:  se this handy step by step guide to create your own musical instrument: 
Watch the Broadway Musical ‘Newsies’ together from the comfort of your own home on Disney + 
Create your own play at home!  Follow the instructions in this pack to build your ideas together and form a play for the whole family 

Carry out a memory experiment on friends or familyUse the experiment you looked at in our lessons – the MURDOCK memory experiment – you can find information about this online or in the online textbook.
Make sure people involved are given full informed consent
Create a model of a neuronUse images of neurons to create your own neuron! You could use sweets, play dough, or any other household items!

Create a model to show the structure of DNAUsing the link below create your own model of DNA. click activity sheet for a step by step or be creative with your own ideas.
How can a tornado in a bottle and a rainbow in a glass be made at home?Using the two sets of instructions to show off your tornados and rainbows in a bottle.
Watch Netflix’s Our Planet – Forects or Frozen Worlds on YouTubeFollow the link to the Netflix YouTube accounds free episodes of Our Planet.

Frozen Worlds
Create you own eggshell geodeFollow the instructions to create your own eggshell geodes