Class Charts - The Hart School

Class Charts is the app/website whereby you as a parent/carer are able to see all positive and negative behaviour points as well as Homework due in and whether it has been submitted or not.

You will need your ‘Parent access code’ to log-in. If you haven’t already received this, then please contact school.

Don’t delay, log-in today.

More information on setting up your parent account for class charts can be found here: PDF


What should I do if I/my child can’t log into ClassCharts?

Either ask your child’s tutor or email

What should I do if I/my child can’t see the homework set?

There are 2 ways to view homework. Either by ‘due date’ or by ‘issue date’ so please make sure you use this functionality.

What do the colours mean on the various homework tasks?

Once the homework has been handed in and the teacher has clicked on the submitted button the task should change colour according to the following colour key:

What should I do if my child has been given a negative behaviour point by mistake?

Please contact the school reception  or your child’s Student Support Officer who will look into the matter. If it was a genuine mistake the negative point can indeed be removed.

Is it possible to see more details regarding a positive or negative point?

Unfortunately only staff can see the teacher comments. We are looking into giving parents access to the positive comments.