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How To Talk To Your Child About Social Media And The Internet

The internet offers huge opportunities. From a young age, children have the chance to learn, research, play games, have fun and connect with family who may not live nearby. But it’s important to help them to use the online world in a way that’s safe and positive for their mental health.

That’s why it’s good to have regular conversations about the internet and social media from a young age – it should be as ordinary as talking about the weather, the dog, or something you’ve watched on TV.

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UK Safer Internet

The National Online Safety website has a variety of explainer videos (including an introduction to privacy and settings) as well as parent guides to help you in keeping your child safe online.  As a school we share on social media updates from the National Online Safety website, including guides to being safe using TikTok, Facebook, WhatsAPP and many other social media platforms that students use regularly. 

There is a #wakeupWednesday update which has an easy to read and follow guide to online safety each week which is up to date and really useful.