The purpose of Homework

Homework supports pupils to make good or better progress through becoming independent learners, meeting deadlines and both retrieving and recalling key knowledge.

How will we set Homework?

Pupils will be given knowledge quizzes or tests to check on how well they can recall knowledge they have learnt from completing their homework and possibly a spelling test. Pupils may also be given an exam question to answer that tests their knowledge.

Class Charts is the platform through which teachers will record details of the homework set, hours taken to complete and date it is due in. We use Class Charts because parents can access it and in turn support their child with organisation.

Each pupil will be given a Knowledge Organiser for each subject per half term, these may be uploaded to the Microsoft Teams Class Files section. The Knowledge Organiser contains key knowledge that they will need to learn.

Online Learning

Some subjects will use on line platforms for pupils to complete homework each week:

  • Maths = Hegarty Maths
  • Languages = LanguageNut
  • Science = Educake or GCSE pod

Please note we are currently reviewing the online platforms that other subjects use.

Teachers are able to monitor student progress via these websites and students receive instant feedback .

Where will pupils complete any written Homework?

Pupils will complete this in their class note book. If they complete homework in their Chromebook they must upload it to ClassCharts or assignments on Teams. Pupils must use the HW code at the top of the page if using their note or chromebook.

How will Homework be marked?

Once homework is returned teachers will assess the work in a timely manner. Some work may also be peer or self-assessed by pupils. On line homework may be computer marked and the teacher checks for completion and misconceptions. Teachers will use the Class Charts submission button to record the handing in of homework and  to keep parents informed

How will we ensure that teachers are marking and setting homework?

Each week the Director of Faculty will check that homework has been set by every member of staff in their Faculty. This will be reported to Homework lead in Senior Management. During our Marking and Feedback Typicality, homework will be checked in pupils’ note books.

What if a pupil needs support?

You may contact your teacher via Teams or via email to ask for extra support with the work.

What if a pupil forgets their homework?

The pupil is given the opportunity to hand this in the next day/lesson. The teacher records this onto Class Charts. Failure to do this results in a ten-minute break detention with the teacher plus a phone call home by the teacher. If a pupil fails to complete homework again then a Faculty detention will be issued. Following this the Head of Year will work with the Director of Faculty to meet the pupil and their parent/carer.