Reading & Oracy

Reading and Oracy – two buzz words at the ‘Hart’ of school life. Both equally vital to ensure our students leave school happy, intelligent, knowledgeable, confident and articulate young adults.

Reading is powerful. It can transport you to another world; take you back in time to historical events; take you on a trip around a new continent; learn about famous faces who changed our world; transport you to a future world or a fantasy world like you never imagined. The more we read, the more we learn and grow. At any age – reading is powerful. Reading is key to unlocking success.

Students at the Hart will be encouraged to listen to Audio books during tutor time, with the lights turned low and with the perfect atmosphere set to encourage student to sit back, relax and enjoy being read to. We also want students to be reading their own books and Faculties have nominated a list of books to read before you’re 14 and 16 and these will be on display around school. Younger students are also being encouraged to join Staffordshire Library where they can log-in to Borrow Box and have access to a wide choice of e-books, audio books, magazines and newspapers. There are lots of exciting opportunities to read and lose yourself in a good book at The Hart!

A confident voice is also synonymous with success. A good speaker can hold a constructive argument and express their ideas and beliefs. A proficient speaker can use their words effectively to construct a debate confidently and with fluency. A confident speaker can stand and present knowing their voice is important and their knowledge matters.

Students at the Hart are given many opportunities to improve their oracy skills. Students are encouraged to discuss, debate, present their views on many current topical issues from Coronavirus to exciting and amusing activities which encourage students to have fun whilst talking. A Junior and a Senior debate team are currently being developed, giving students opportunities to take part in debating competitions and public speaking occasions. This is a wonderful opportunity for students of all ages and will be a great feature to add to a University application and to future employers.

At the Hart we want students to leave school and stand out from other young adults. We want them to have a strong sense of why literacy skills are key to their future successes.

Follow the Borrow Box link – this will allow you easy access to join Staffordshire Library. By joining the library your child will be able to have access to a wide range of e-books, audio books and online newspapers. Your child will them be asked to access this in tutor time using their Chrome Books. We are excited to be increasing the opportunities your child has to access reading in a range of forms!

Virtual Library

Go to the website/follow this link (see below) Click the blue ‘Sign Up’ button and it will simply ask you for an email address and a password. This is free and will give you access to a whole range of e-books with an audio version. Once you have done this you will be logged in.