Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience – Monday 11 July – Friday 15 July 2022

Work experience aims to provide young people with an opportunity to expand their awareness of the world of work, increase economic understanding from outside the classroom and relate their studies to work and training. It is also an opportunity for students to gain the independent skills of searching for a job, contacting an employer and fulfilling a role within an organisation.

Students will have the ability to access a work experience database run by Work Experience Support Services. The placements on this database have been visited by the company and are willing for any student to contact them regarding a work experience placement.

Students should consider travel arrangements when choosing their placement. The database has a very useful link to a map of the company, which allows students to research bus and train routes.

In order for our students to complete a meaningful placement we would also like to give students the opportunity to use personal contacts or independently approach employers in a field of work which appeals to them. It is important if students source their own placement that they ask the employer to confirm that they have a current employer liability insurance policy and request the details from this to add to the form. Work Experience Support Services will then contact the employer and arrange to do a health and safety check.

If the placement is considered to be ‘out of area’, this may incur an extra cost which unfortunately will have to passed on to parents/carers (this would probably be in the region of £50 – £100 depending on where it is).

To access the Work Experience Support Services database you will need to visit and then enter the username and password which has been given to each student.

If you have any appropriate contacts that can assist in placing either your son/daughter or other Year 10 students in a placement for the period stated above, please let us know. Any assistance you can give in finding suitable placements is greatly appreciated. The deadline to make selections/find own placements will be Wednesday 25 May 2022.