Year 7 Team

Supporting the Move from Primary to Secondary

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be overwhelming. Working closely with our local primary schools we run a comprehensive programme of transition events designed to support children through this life-changing experience. Our transition days help build the confidence and self-belief pupils need to progress smoothly from a primary school environment to a new educational experience as part of The Hart School family.

Additional Support

For students who may need additional support transitioning to high school, the school provides a personalised programme of additional support. This may include:

  • Extra visits
  • Meetings between parents and other agencies that work with the child
  • SEND meetings

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care is based on a traditional year team system, with every year group having an experienced and skilled Head of Year, Student Support Officer (SSO) and team of experienced tutors. Year 7 have their own dedicated specialist Year Team who ensure that their students are supported in every aspect of school life, ensuring they are settled in school and can flourish in their academic studies.  Tutors spend dedicated time in September building strong and positive partnerships with parents as tutors are the first point of contact for parents.

Heads of Year and their SSO will deal with more intractable or serious issues, whilst Heads of Faculty will support with any concerns related to an individual subject. When these avenues have been exhausted, senior leaders are happy to offer additional help and support. Parents and carers are always advised to call and make an appointment in advance, as staff may be teaching or in other meetings and advance notice can mean that an issue has been researched and a potential solution identified prior to the meeting.