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The Hart School currently runs a scheme to enable 1:1 access to technology for its students. In common with a number of other schools, this scheme brings benefits to every student and enhances the educational experience that our students enjoy.

A 1:1 device scheme provides individual access to a digital device for each student in order to access the Internet, digital course materials and digital textbooks.

This scheme has proved to be invaluable during the current coronavirus pandemic as it has allowed us to continue to provide online learning to our students efficiently through online platforms.  It has enabled us to support our students remotely through the setting of work, online assessment and the provision of feedback to keep them on track.

How will the device be used in the classroom? 

As a tool to support and enhance learning and promote creativity such as accessing Office 365 documents, recording visual elements of learning such as role play or experiments. We seek to equip all our students with the necessary skills and modes of thinking so that they will succeed in a constantly changing society, where high levels of skill in the use of new technologies is the currency for employment. 

Will the device be used in all lessons? 

Not always. There will be times when it is not suitable, such as when students will complete practice exam question or, simply, when the learning is fit for purpose. There will also be the opportunity for students to decide which is the best learning tool for the job. For example, students may decide to simply take notes on paper rather than using their device. We are keen to develop independent learning skills and support students in finding their preferred learning and revision techniques. 

Will students still use pen and paper? 

Students will be expected to write in some lessons therefore students will be writing notes on paper and practising their handwriting as they will face formal written exams in Y11. Students will be expected to bring black pens to school as they do currently. 

What technical support and training will be provided? 

Students are actively using Office 365 as part of their normal IT lessons and so are prepared for using these apps on their device. With the increased use of online apps including those available from Google they are increasing their knowledge of the available tools all the time. 

Can my Child print from their device? 

Yes. Students will be able to print to certain printers across the school site, located in classrooms and communal spaces. Students can also print at home, providing you have a ‘Google Cloud Print’ enabled printer. 

Where will my child store their device during PE? 

Students will leave their bags in the changing rooms as is current practice and rooms will be locked.