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Summer Examination Timetable

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JCQ Guidelines

Artificial Intelligence 2023-2024
Coursework Assessments 2023-2024
Information for candidate Privacy Notice 2023-2024
Non-Examinations Assessments 2023-2024
On Screen Examination 2023-2024
Preparing to sit your exams 2023-2024
Social Media Infographic 2023 -2024
Unauthorised Items 2023-2024

Written Examination 2023-2024
Warning to Candidates 2023-2024

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My Exams Booklet

Student Revision Handbook

Exam Advice for parents

Examination Policies

Access Arrangements Policy 2023-2024
Access to Scripts, Review of Results & Appeals Procedure 2023-2024
Alternative Rooming Arrangements Policy (Exams)2023-2024
Candidate Absence Policy 2023-2024
Candidate Identification Procedure 2023-2024
Candidate Late Arrival Policy 2023-2024
Certificate Issue Procedure and Retention Policy 2023-2024
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (Exams)2023-2024
Complaints Policy (Exams) 2023-2024
Conflicts of Interest Policy (Exams) 2023-2024
Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams) 2023-2024
Equalities Policy (Exams) 2023-2024
Escalation Process 2023-2024
Exam Contingency Plan 2023-2024
Exams Archiving Policy 2023-2024
Exams Policy 2023-2024
Food and Drink Policy (Exams) 2023-2024
Internal Appeals Procedure (Internal assessment decisions)2023-2024
Internal Appeals Procedure (Reviews of Results and Appeals)2023-2024
Leaving the Examination Room Policy 2023-2024
Lockdown Policy (Exams)2023-2024
Malpractice Policy (Exams) 2023-2024 - updated
Non-examination Assessment Policy 2023-2024
Overnight Supervision Arrangements Policy 2023-2024
Special Consideration Policy 2023-2024
Whistleblowing Policy (Exams)-2023-2024
Word Processor Allocation Criteria 2023-2024
Word Processor Policy (Exams) 2023-2024