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The school views home learning as an essential part of the educational provision for students. Not only should it provide time for students to reflect upon the day’s learning, it should also help students to recall and practise key knowledge and skills required both for their current studies but also the next phase of their education.

As such, teachers will set homework that:

  • links to the current scheme of learning;
  • where possible, is set prior to learning so the home learning has meaning in future lessons;
  • improves literacy and numeracy
  • is clear and has specific instructions (where possible instructions videos for more demanding tasks);
  • is regular, meaningful and proportionate - all of which encourages completion;
  • is engaging and compelling.

Setting Homework

To enable parental support, teachers will ensure that students record homework and a deadline clearly in the student planner.

Teachers will help students programme independent revision (using their knowledge organiser) in the student planner in between homework being set.

All home learning will be validated, and rewards given in line with the school policy - students should feel proud of work completed independently at home.