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Revision Techniques

Revision is absolutely essential in order to succeed in your exams.  Here are some examples of effective revision techniques to help make the most of your revision.

Revision Timetable

Why build a revision timetable?

Revision shouldn’t be left to chance - your exams are just too important. By not planning you can run out of time, miss vital information and find it all a bit too much.

A revision timetable helps you avoid all of this. 15 minutes of planning will help you be more productive, keep you motivated and will boost your confidence for the challenge ahead.

Short clip on making revision planners

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Revision — Ryburn Valley High School

Mind Maps

Put the main point (E.g. ‘human reproduction’) in the middle of the sheet. Coming out of this, put subdivisions for this topic. Include pictures, diagrams, colours, arrows to connect things.

Flash Cards

Put a simple piece of information and/or a picture on one side of the card, and a full explanation/definition on the other. This is particularly useful for revising:

  • Key people or dates
  • Formulae
  • Key words

There are also some fantastic flashcard Apps on the Appstore and in the Android Marketplace – free and paid. Some even allow you to draw pictures. Just search for ‘flash cards’.


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