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At The Hart School operates a cashless catering system, using a pin or biometric scan (finger print) registered to each pupil and matched with a photograph and a summary of any special dietary requirements.   

An account is set up for each pupil – this will include name, credit details, a list of any allergies and any controls put forward by the parent, as well as keeping a full history of all purchases made. This information may be downloaded or emailed to parents.  

Account payments can be made by using our online payment system; Arbor Pay, - Arbor Pay Guide

The school has a multiply lunch boxes located on zoned areas of the school which is stocked with hot and cold food. This allows pupils to select their snack, pay for it and enjoy it. 

All the food prepared and sold at the School meets with the Government’s requirements on Healthy Eating. 

Please click on the links below to view the weekly menus and information regarding allergies and prices for these menus.