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It is our passion, for every student to develop a love for maths. Every child can learn mathematics given the correct environment and learning experiences, which our curriculum map embodies. We have high expectations of every child and believe with the relevant support all children can succeed in mathematics.

Mathematics is in every aspect of life, from personal finance, redecorating, shopping and engineering. Everywhere you go, mathematics is involved. Our curriculum map is designed to allow students to have exposure to these real-life situations and be able to transfer their skills and knowledge learnt into everyday life. It is also crucial for students to develop a broader appreciation of mathematics and its construct outside of any practical context. It is also important that every child develops a confidence to apply their mathematical skills across other areas of the curriculum, and our curriculum map has this in mind with links to Science, Geography and Design in particular. The cultural importance of mathematics in embedded into our curriculum. Students will have opportunities to explore the history of mathematics and link this to nature, music, architecture and religion.

This will give children exposure to the cultural relevance of mathematics and how widen their cultural awareness. Our curriculum will allow pupils to not only develop their mathematical knowledge, but also their reasoning and problem-solving skills. Every child will have exposure to problems and develop techniques in solving these, they will develop attributes that they can take and be successful with in the wider world.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Overviews