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While developing skills that are essential for today’s world, English Literature is often the initial spark of inspiration and creativity. Studying English is a chance to discover how literature makes sense of the world through prose extracts, poems, novels and plays from the time of Shakespeare all the way through to Post-Modern Literature.

At The Hart School, we aim to sharpen authorial, analytical, and persuasive skills from the minute they set foot in our classrooms; we have designed an English curriculum that enables children to experience an ambitious, broad and balanced range of texts to offer them a firm cultural awareness. Our learners will experience a curriculum delivered by our passionate and enthusiastic team who love our subject and are eager to nurture a love for reading and writing amongst our learners.

Our learner centred lessons develop their characters and their passion for our subject as we aim to empower our learners through engaging, diverse texts and historical, social and cultural contexts to enable them to consider differing experiences and perspectives to their own. We plan to challenge the students to be critical thinkers, evaluative readers and confident, sophisticated writers. Speaking and listening projects will give learners skills and experience in public speaking; we strive for learners to leave us with a bank of strategies for planning content and managing nerves that will stay with them for their further study, career and life. Our curriculum will develop intrigue, independence and confidence in our learners and prepare them for life in the 21st Century. Our learners who leave us in KS4 and KS5 will be self-reliant and motivated with the enthusiasm to discover and pursue their own ambitions with tenacity and resilience.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Overviews