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Reading Across the Curriculum

Reading Across the Curriculum  

Students gain access to subject specific reading through well-sequenced reading opportunities across our curriculum. Through this our students are exposed to a range of different writing styles and able to learn the subject vocabulary that helps to become expert readers and writers.

To further support students to develop their range of vocabulary we also offer students as part of prep, access to Reading Wise. This platform teaches students new vocabulary through interactive games and quizzes whilst also encouraging reading.  

Apply disciplinary reading strategies across the curriculum
We understand the value of disciplinary literacy, and across subjects, staff work hard to support students with their literacy within their own subject domain. 

Academic Reading in Geography


Reduce barriers to effective reading

At The Hart School, curriculum plans and pedagogy are designed with a focus on reducing known barriers to reading across the curriculum. By reducing barriers to reading and providing regular opportunities to engage with academic texts, we aim to help students to develop their reading skills, comprehension, and understanding of complex concepts. This approach will not only enhance their academic performance but also equips them with the necessary skills to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Some examples of our approaches to vocabulary teaching and academic reading can be seen below:

Explicit vocabulary teaching in Science and English