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Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention

We believe that being fluent in reading and having access to rich range of reading opportunities across the curriculum is the entitlement of all students. We believe that is thorough reading that pupils deepen their knowledge of the world around them and our aim is to inspire love of reading. For these reasons, reading is one of our top priorities and a key feature of student learning in the following ways; 

Register & Read (daily reading) 

Students in Year 7,8,9 and 10 read collaboratively as a Form class each week during registration. This is a mixture of teacher-led whole class reading as well as ‘round robin’ class reading. This enables tutor groups to engage in the experiences of characters inviting them to have conversations about issues and experiences as part of their personal development. The sessions promote teachers modelling expert reading whilst also developing reading fluency.  The texts have also been selected to celebrate difference and invite students to delve into the lives of characters with Protected Characteristics, including those with different disabilities, races, religions and gender identities.

Reading for Pleasure  

Our library is packed with exciting books that our students have free choice to select from. We encourage students to read at home every day and provide two 20 minutes opportunities across the school week to immerse themselves in their chosen books. It is therefore important that students have their own personal reading book with them everyday and this is the first item that we check each morning in roll-call.  

At KS3 we also offer students as part of prep, access to Sparx Reader which is online programme supporting students to increase levels independent reading. Sparx reader automatically adapts the texts provided based on a student’s reading age, providing them with a variety of appropriately challenging reading material, accessible on a tablet or phone 

Reading Support 

We offer a range of supportive reading interventions to support pupils in developing phonological awareness, decoding and fluency. On entry to secondary school all pupils are tested to diagnose reading difficulties and pupils are offered intervention on needs by need basis. All students are retested at the start and end of every academic year so that we can be certain that we address the reading needs of all our students.  

Literacy Intervention Pathways

Targeted interventions to support reading

Our Literacy Interventons Available to Students

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