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Science encompasses everything that we are and allows us to make sense of the world around us. Science at The Hart School is more than just a core subject.

We believe an outstanding science education should develop students’ curiosity and scientific knowledge to question the world in which we live, enable critical-thinking and encourage students to become socially aware global citizens. Our Science faculty has planned an inspiring, inclusive, and diverse curriculum that is designed to engage and enthuse students with the real-life applications of the subject whilst promoting ambition and aspirations for their future.

In an ever-changing world, in which STEAM subjects are at the forefront of advancements for the future, we want to prepare our students for this by not only looking at the knowledge of the subject, but also the methods, processing skills and applications associated with it. This ensures that our students are scientifically literate, able to evaluate what they see in the news and the world around them and make informed decisions that will affect their future lives and the planet.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overviews