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Sixth Form Application Form

Step One

Download the application form from the website or collect a physical application form from the Head of Year or Director/Deputy Director of Sixth Form. Applications should be completed by the end of January.

Step Two

Students’ teachers (or their school if an applicant is external) will be contacted for references regarding suitability of course options.

NOTE: We do not prioritise students from particular schools.

Step Three

A member of staff will review your application and if the information you have supplied indicates you are likely to meet our entry criteria, we will send you an invitation to attend an interview. We can only do this if you have supplied sufficient information in your application, so please take care to ensure we have all predicted or achieved grades and accurate personal information. If information is missing, we will contact you to ask for clarification

You will be interviewed for your chosen courses in February/March

Step Four

A formal offer will be made giving you a place of acceptance or refusal for sixth form. Any acceptance will be on the condition of meeting the entry requirements. It will also invite you to take part in our induction week(s) that typically occur after Year 11 exams at the start of July. This is not mandatory and does not affect your application to sixth form.

Step Five

Students applying internally will speak to sixth form leaders on results day and receive a letter of acceptance that outlines the arrangements for their first day starting sixth form in September. External applicants will be contacted via email and asked for proof of results. On acceptance, students will also be sent the email regarding first day arrangements.