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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at The Hart School

The Hart School is a community in which students are fully integrated in student leadership roles that support the work of the school and the wider community, while at the same time developing their leadership skills preparing them for the next stage of their education or employment.

Aims of Student Leadership at The Hart School

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.  
  • To provide opportunities for students to flourish within the school and wider community.
  • To provide a chance for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities which impact positively within school on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff, as well as out of school in the local community.  
  • To prepare students holistically to excel in life after formal education.

Head Students

The Head Students will have had a past record of student participation and are voted into positions as Head Students by their peers in ‘The Big Vote’.  Head Students undergo leadership and mental health training, support at key events and have school duties.

Student Council

The Student Council is open to everybody; all students from all years can apply. Students apply via an application system. Additionally, some will be nominated by staff. Students involved sign a Commitment Contract and wear a badge on their blazer lapel to make them recognisable as Student Council members. The aim of the Council is to represent the views and opinions of all students at The Hart School. 

Each year, the Student Council have a specific focus these will involve working with teachers, other students (not just those on the Council) and members of our local community. This year we will be asking the Council to focus on the following school priorities:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student panels
  • Charity
  • Well-being

Diversity Ambassadors

This role will provide students with the opportunity to help celebrate diversity across the school and within the curriculum as well as improving in key areas where needed.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Students will be following the Diana award Anti Bullying programme and working towards each of the badges. Anti-Bulling Ambassadors are responsible for creating a fun, effective and long-term campaign that will help prevent and tackle bullying behaviour in our school.

Community Ambassadors

This role will raise the profile of The Hart School within the local community. Students will explore projects that they can support within Rugeley, such as The Great Big Spring Clean, Christmas tree project, friends with the elderly.  The leadership group will also inform the school and wider community of the projects that they can be involved in.

Wellbeing/Mental Health Ambassadors

Students will be empowered to lead wellbeing initiatives that provide peer to peer support in school helping to protect the mental health of their peers and helping reduce the risk of mental illness now and later in life.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme gives young people a sense of belonging and connection, builds skills for them to develop positive peer relationships, develops empathy and gives greater access to support for all students in school.

Sports Leaders

The sports leadership programme gives students the skills and knowledge to lead and officiate at local schools sporting events. Through the Sports Leaders initiative, students experience a range of roles including refereeing at football matches, being responsible for completing score sheets, managing time keeping and measuring distances during athletics events.