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Sport & Health

The Computing Faculty consists of Phsical Education (PE) and Healthan and Social Care.

Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care equips our students to discover the impact of positive and negative human development and how to critically analyse how these factors affect our day to day lives. The study of Health and Social Care enables students to explore academically and practically areas that influence how we develop throughout life stages and in turn raise expectations of how we can live successful and healthy lives now and in our future.

We believe that there never been a more relevant time to study our subject. Our intention is to fully support and prepare students who want to work with, care for and help other people in their future careers.

Our KS4 and 5 courses provide students with the background knowledge and skills needed by someone considering working with people in a health care provision capacity. We have an accomplished history of enabling our students to achieve the qualifications they need to build successful careers in the Health and Social Care sector such as; Teaching, Social work, Nursing and Midwifery and Paramedic science.

Keys Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Overview


Through the aim of creating active and healthy citizens, the Physical Education curriculum at the Creative Education Trust ensures that students actively participate in a range of sports and physical activity. We aim to develop the leadership and communication skills of all our students, so they can work effectively in teams. This is underpinned by a deep knowledge of the structure of sports, such as rules, strategies tactics and traditions, a knowledge of the physical skills required and how to maximise them, as well as an understanding of the knowledge of physiology, nutrition, anatomy and psychology that is related to fitness and wellbeing.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overviews

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Overviews